Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tidal Echoes

How embarrassing...almost a year since I've posted! But it's been a busy one. AnnaCaroline is almost two...I'm pregnant with our 2nd baby (a girl), and in between I've been working like crazy at UAS.

I'm the faculty advisor for Tidal Echoes the Southeast Alaskan literary journal. This week the editorial board has made final decisions on which pieces get included and which get cut. It's always interesting and difficult to make these choices.

Other than working with the student editors, who are fantastic, my favorite aspect of this project is seeing the amazing diversity of topics we Southeast Alaskans write about. We don't restrict our journal to any particular subject matter--something I think is absolutely necessary for a place that has such a "brand" to the rest of the world. It's a relief and joy to see poems written about something other than whales; to see stories written about biking in Arizona, or fighting with your wife. The journal is a much more accurate reflection of who we really are here, and the of the lives we live in this amazing archipelago.

If you want to see the work we do, check out a preview of last year's journal:

The launch party for this year's journal is April 11, 7:00 pm at UAS. Everyone is invited!