Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Waiting for the Baby

So the doctor put me on bed rest this week. While it's agonizing to be inside, looking out at everyone on the beach, it is good motivation to write poems. Here's a very new one, not yet edited.

Turning Two

- For AnnaCaroline

Do you remember your tears
and panic last night? How you let me
hold you for a long time, your small
head tucked into my neck?

You are still my baby,
my little bug, my sweetest thing.
You will still sit on my lap, still call
to me in your dark dreams.

But I can also see the cocoon of you
spinning, wrapping your baby self
away, starting a new body as startling
as a luna moth, who will wake up one day

and realize how much more of the world
is now below, how reachable that branch
is. And we will love this you, too,
your wing against my cheek,

your flight rising in my throat.