Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poetry on the Bus

I just found out I've had a poem accepted for the Poetry Ominbus project! The Juneau Arts Council and Capital Transit partner to put poems on the all the busses in Juneau. It's such a cool idea. I ride the bus pretty often and last year it was great to see everyone's poems up there. Here's the poem they accepted:

Womb Rain

Silver bells of rain on the porch roof
recall us to the womb

the ringing of shower streams
against a taut, bare belly

and our first water selves,
small tails, webbed hands touching

our first faces. Perhaps in heaven
the room where babies wait

has a metal roof, and a chorus of rain
singing us into being.

I've been surfing around to see bus poems in other cities, and I found this terrific poem that was posted on a bus in Seattle:

My Sandwich

That man stole my sandwich.
I had it five minutes ago,
And I know
He’s always after my sandwiches.
He eyes me conspicuously
As I eye him back
We make eye contact.
There’s a blatant connection.
Oh yes,
I’m on to him.
Oh wait, here it is.
Lindsey Baggette
Eastlake High School
Grade 11

It's that fabulous? I laugh every time I read it.


RobynLynn said...

Womb Rain is a sensual, tactile poem that brings me into the intimacy of my own first being. My favorite image is the tin roofed room of pre-beings as the sound of that rain is my favorite.

RobynLynn said...

My Sandwich is a funny, real moment. Great find!